Welcome to Parenting In Stereo ~ It's a blog about a couple of 30-something year olds jumping into the crazy world of parenting with all four feet.  This will be OUR journey so you'll hear about both of our perspectives (thus the In Stereo part of the blog). 

Mrs. O ~ Nope, not Mrs. Obama.  It's just little ol' me.  I am the better half of the Parenting In Stereo duo.  I'm sure he would agree (especially if he wants his dinner) ;-)  I am a type-A personality that loves to plan out everything thing in detail.  I love surfing the net, shopping, reading, shopping, hanging out with friends and of course going to church - Ha!!  You thought I was going to say shopping . . . typical. 

Mr. A - I am a easy going guy who will agree that Mrs. O is the better half simply because I want my dinner.  I could watch ESPN or follow my fantasy sports teams all day long and the best part is, she doesn't complain.  I'm spontaneous and I love a great action movie. 

Join us on this roller coaster ride and we enter the world of Parenting: In Stereo.